CLC is a center of the HCMUS which combines of training, research and application in order to create scientific technological products that meaning and reality to serve the society’s needs effectively. Simultaneously, it can sign contracts, cooperate, associate with other units in the domestic and international.

Through the research, training and cultivation activities, the center will help strengthen the organized and professional qualified cadres. It’s also the source that attracts domestic and foreign talents to solve the huge issues in computational linguistics while promoting the formation of intensive research group in the period of 2015-2020; applying Computational Linguistics in teaching Vietnamese for foreigners, exploiting text (rated products, the summary text, support decision-making), the political – security (information monitoring), ….

The specific tasks of the center:

  • Research models, methods and language analysis techniques to exploit and extract information from data. Exploiting multilingual data. Applying Computational Linguistics in teaching foreign language for Vietnamese and teaching Vietnamese for foreigners, analyzing huge corpus to serve the information monitoring needs, conducting social polls.
  • Build needed resource sources to serve the Vietnamese computational Linguistics that is developed sustainability and efficiency.
  • Associate with other units in the domestic and international (enterprises, institutes, schools, centers …) to apply and transfer the research results of the center.
  • Participate in main subjects of Vietnam National University, national level to solve the essential issues of nation to science and technology (such as; Information security). Promulgate the scientific works, articles in international prestigious journals, reference books and other scientific publications.
  • Associate training with other units which include linguistics, foreign languages to teach courses about Computational Linguistics, Corpus-Linguistics, Statistic Linguistics…
  • Collect, supervise, survey automatic information (from the Internet, corpus, social networks …) according to order. Implement consulting services issues related to Computational Linguistics.